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The last time you bought a TV, running trainers, a car, you read the reviews right? As consumers, we look for reviews that confirm we’re making a good buying decision. That’s why testimonials are such a powerful tool to influence and motivate people to buy.

Our testimonial video production team can help you create the perfect client testimonial to help increase conversions.

Harness the power of social proof, use testimonials to grow your business.

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Your guide to testimonial video production

Why should you use testimonial video in your marketing?

What’s the best type of marketing? Blogs? Video? Social media? We know there’s one form of marketing that beats everything else – word-of-mouth. In a world where we have more choice than ever before and companies trying to grab our attention left, right and centre, we’re increasingly looking to confirm our buying decision using reviews from our friends, family and now online.

Your existing customers’ experience of your product or service can massively influence your potential customers’ buying decision. Testimonial videos:

  • Are a proven marketing and sales tool that engages customers and drives sales.
  • They help potential customers overcome any doubt by building trust and credibility.
  • Finally, they demonstrate positive customer experiences.

Testimonial video can be used in a variety of places. Some of our clients use them across social media and their website. Alternatively, if you’re a service based business you could use them in proposals and presentations.

What makes a great testimonial video?

In our experience, primarily, a great testimonial video is determined by the questions you use. At Proper Video, we don’t just set a date, plonk a camera in front of someone and expect magic to happen. To develop questions that make a great testimonial video you must first establish why you’re making a testimonial and what you want people to do after watching it.

Ultimately, the goal is to motivate the viewer to buy your product or service. You should think about the most common objections and reasons why people may not buy from you. This will enable you to start creating questions that will draw answers that overcome the viewers objections and doubts.

Here are a few questions to get the brain juices flowing:

What challenges were you facing that made you seek out help from ‘X’?

This question highlights the customers pain points which may well be felt by other potential customers too. It paints a picture and you can use their answer to show how your brand solved these problems.

How were these problems impacting your business?

This question highlights how the customer was maybe trapped, not able to move to the next level. Issues that other potential customers could resonate with and prompt an enquiry.

What made you choose ‘X’ over other solutions you could have used.

Now, before we give all our secrets away we’ll have to stop there. When working with Proper Video we’ll help you identify the key questions best suited to your business and your goals.

Key considerations when creating your testimonial video

Quality matters

Your testimonial video is designed to convert qualified leads into customers. Therefore, your testimonial video isn’t a place to cut corners. This video is a direct reflection on your brand and could be the difference between someone making a purchase or walking away.

Set KPI’s

As we’ve said already, it’s really important to set clear objectives and be focused on what you want your testimonial video to achieve. Your objectives will inform everything from the length and style to distribution which is why it’s critical to set KPI’s from the start.

Find the right customers

The customers you choose are representing your brand. Choosing the right person is vital. They must be relatable, come across as genuine, be confident and deliver a compelling story. We can help you choose the right customer for your testimonial video which starts with a pre-interview online where we assess their suitability and get to know then to get the best out of them.

Our testimonial video production process

The process of creating a testimonial video is similar to most other video productions. Typically, the video production process consists of 6 steps.

A workshop to explore each aspect of your promotional video. Your audience, the message, activation and more.

We will develop questions for your contributors to get the most out of the interview.

After key milestones are set we will organise the best people to be in the right place at the right time so production runs smoothly.

A highly experienced video production team will capture the footage and sound we need in ultra-high-definition 4K.

Our team of skilled editors will set to work and create a first draft of your video to send over for review.

Review your video and request any amendment you require. If you require changes we repeat this process until you are completely satisfied.

The question everybody wants to know the answer to:

How much does a testimonial video cost?

Whilst all of our clients requirements are unique and the total cost will depend on many factors such as production value, crew needed, actors, locations and more, here’s where we start at Proper Video.

Testimonial videos start at


  • Up to 90 seconds

  • Concept development

  • Question development for contributors

  • Highly experienced 2-person film crew
  • Up to 3 social media edits

  • Motion graphics and text included
  • Royalty-free music with a commercial licence
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From the education sector to energy companies, charities to councils – our video production team has made a big impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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“Our experience with Proper Video has been fantastic. We engaged Proper Video to create an initial close to one hundred videos to help launch our new brand of Decarbonisation Services. The videos that have been produced are of fantastic quality and the experience has been incredibly smooth. We will be continuing to engage the services of Proper Video well into the future and have already introduced their services to the other companies within our group.”

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The process of choosing a video production company in Burnley

Figuring out which video production company to use for your next project can be a minefield. Video marketing can be a significant investment so choosing the right company who can deliver the results that you want whilst giving a friction-free experience is essential. Our Burnley based video production team aims to build long-term, trusted partnerships with clients who want to grow.

For ultimate transparency we’ve detailed step-by-step our pre-sales process so that you know exactly what will happen if you choose to contact us.

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