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So, hypothetically…

You started working with the best video production company in Burnley 😉 Proper Video a couple of weeks back.

Together, we have done the research, developed a kick-ass creative concept and got a solid plan in place. Now it’s time to bring your video production project to life.

However, if it is your first time using video to promote your business you may be wondering; what should I expect on the day my video is being filmed? Good question, the magical world of video production and what goes on behind-the-scenes is only seen by a few.

To stop you wondering, we made this blog post all about what you can expect on video production day. Below you’ll find out what to expect on video production day – who will turn up, a typical schedule and how much input is expected from you.

How much involvement do we need from you on video production day?

Our view is, you can be as involved in the video production day as you’d like.

We’ve had clients who like to sit back and simply oversee things. We’ve also had clients join the special effects department putting blood on an actor’s head and we’ve also had clients working the camera.

It is entirely up to you.

What is the minimum input we need from you on video production day?

Before moving into production our video production team will have a solid plan in place, however, plans can change.

That’s why we ensure that a client representative is always present on location when filming your video.

What is a client representative?

From day one, a client representative will be appointed. Often when we are working with clients there are several stakeholders involved. To keep things simple, we always appoint a client representative.They are our main point of contact, who manages communication between our team and yours and they will be heavily involved throughout the whole video production process.

The client representative will always be on hand to answer any questions our video production team has on video production day. Sometimes we film in restricted locations or film staff members so the client representative will be there in case we’ve been refused access to a company owned location or a staff member hasn’t turned up.

Typical schedule for a video production day

We may be filming in our Burnley based video production studio, your business premises with your staff, or we may be filming on location with actors, capturing drone footage, and so much more. It’s fair to say each video production project is different. However, whilst exactly what we are filming is different, our video production schedule remains relatively the same.

Arrive on set – everybody turns up to the right place and at the right time.

Brief crew – health and safety notices and a full rundown of the day ahead and what is expected.

Set up equipment – sometimes actually setting up the equipment takes longer than getting the shot.
Film – Whether it’s an interview with staff or a range of shots with actors.

Dinner/break – a cup of Yorkshire tea and a good ham and cheese sandwich perks us up

Film – Finish up what we are required to film.

Wrap – everybody packs down, leaves the location as it was found and the footage is backed up to our editing system.

Video production schedule

Before we arrive on location to film everything for your video, our Burnley video production team will have developed a detailed video production schedule. An example of one of our video production schedules can be seen below.

Our video production schedules will detail every shot we have pre-planned to capture, any crew members needed, any actors or contributors needed as well as how long it should take.

It’s not by luck that our clients have said our video production team made the filming environment ‘effortless and stress-free’.

As an experienced video production company we know that running a successful video production day boils down to one thing – proper planning.

“There’s a saying, ‘we learn from our mistakes’ and admittedly, in the early days of my video production career way before Proper Video was born I would try and run a video production on minimal planning and, you’ve probably guessed it, all of those productions ran over schedule which also resulted in the budget running over as well. I’m glad to say those days are long gone and Proper Video will not think about sending our video production team without a proper plan in place”

Aidan Oldroyd, Founder of Proper Video

Who can you expect on your video production?

Our video production team is made up on a project by project basis. Like artists, most camera operators and directors have a style which makes them best suited to certain industries and types of video. That said, the skeleton of the video production team that will turn up on the day is the same. You’ll have a:

Director producer – a director producer is the person with the vision and who is responsible for delivering the content. Typically, in a film environment the producer and director will be two different people however, for most types of video used by businesses at Proper Video, we think this is overkill.

Cinematographer/camera operator – the cinematographer is the person behind the camera. They work closely with the director producer to deliver the vision.

Sound – Often neglected and seen as an after thought sound plays a huge role in how your video makes your audience think and feel. That’s why we include a sound engineer in our video production team to make sure the sound is tip top.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have dogs on our video production shoots.

Whilst the above list of people is typical, we are able to strip back and bulk up the crew as and when needed. If we’re required to film a load of social content we may only send a single camera person whilst if we’re filming a TV advert you can expect the video production team to be extended with an art director, costume and set designer and more.

Tips to make sure you have a great experience


The main thing that will determine whether your video production runs smoothly or ends up running over schedule and therefore costing more money is the plan. As said previously, Proper Video is an experienced video production company and we know that turning up on the day without a solid plan in place will end up being a complete waste of time and money.


Like with any role in any walk of life, the people working on your video production can make or break it. To make sure you’ve got the right people, or in this case, the right video production company working on your project take a look through their portfolio and then look for any reviews or testimonials.


What you can expect on your video production shoot will differ from video production companies however, we know that with Proper Video you can expect a fun, exciting and well planned video production process that run smoothly from the start. 

As we’ve said, you can be as involved as you’d like. You can get stuck in or just simply watch over. 

Remember, the most important tips we have for making sure that your video production experience is a good one are get a good, solid plan in place and work with the right people. 

Learn more about how we work and who we are and if you have any questions please get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.