12 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing!

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just getting started, the insights within this blog post can help you harness the power of video to captivate, engage, and convert your target audience like never before.

Published: January 10, 2024

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where attention spans are dwindling and competition for online visibility is fierce, video marketing has emerged as a game-changer for businesses and marketers alike. It’s not just another trend; it’s a dynamic tool that offers a multitude of advantages.

From captivating audiences with engaging content to boosting search engine rankings and enhancing brand awareness, video marketing has become an indispensable part of any successful marketing strategy. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of video marketing and explore its myriad benefits, revealing how it can transform your marketing efforts and drive your business towards greater success.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a digital marketing strategy that utilises videos to promote and advertise products, services, or brands. It involves creating and sharing video content across various online platforms, such as websites, social media, YouTube, and email campaigns, to engage and connect with the target audience.

Video marketing encompasses a wide range of content types, including product demonstrations, tutorials, testimonials, storytelling, and more, all designed to deliver a specific message or evoke a particular emotional response from viewers. The goal of video marketing is to captivate and inform viewers, build brand awareness, drive engagement, and ultimately, convert viewers into customers or loyal followers.

It’s a versatile and powerful tool that leverages the visual and auditory appeal of video to convey messages effectively in the digital age.

Types of Video Marketing

There are many different types of videos that can be used in marketing:

1. Promotional Videos

These videos showcase products, services, or brands in a visually compelling manner, often used for advertising campaigns and product launches.

2. Educational Videos

Aimed at informing and educating viewers on a specific topic, these videos offer valuable insights, tutorials, or how-to guides.

3. Testimonial Videos

These leverage the voices of satisfied customers or influential figures to build trust and credibility for a product, service, or brand.

4. Live Streaming

Real-time interaction with audiences through live video broadcasts fosters authenticity and engagement, making it a rapidly growing trend in video marketing.

5. Storytelling Videos

These videos weave a narrative to captivate and emotionally resonate with viewers, leaving a lasting impression and strengthening brand identity.

The versatility of video marketing allows businesses to choose the most suitable approach for their objectives, ensuring a dynamic and engaging digital presence.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It offers a wide range of benefits for businesses and marketers:

1. Increased Engagement

Video marketing has the remarkable ability to boost engagement levels significantly. Its dynamic and visual nature inherently captures viewers’ attention, enticing them to stay and absorb the content. Videos can convey complex information in an easily digestible format, making it more likely for viewers to absorb and retain the message.

Moreover, the interactive features of some video platforms, such as comments and likes, foster community engagement and provide opportunities for direct interaction between businesses and their audience.

In 2023, video accounted for 82.5% of all web traffic! This means that, to reach and engage the online audience, you must be creating video content.

All these factors combine to make video marketing a potent catalyst for increased engagement with your target audience.

2. Improved SEO

Video marketing can significantly boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in several ways. Firstly, search engines like Google often prioritise video content in search results, increasing the visibility of your website. Secondly, videos can increase user engagement, leading to longer visit durations and lower bounce rates, both of which are positive signals for search engine algorithms.

Additionally, when you optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords, it helps search engines understand the content and context of your videos, improving your overall SEO. Lastly, as videos are frequently shared on social media and other websites, they generate backlinks to your site, further enhancing your SEO authority and ranking potential.

Video marketing is a powerful tool for climbing the search engine ranks and gaining more organic visibility in today’s digital landscape.

3. Increased Brand Awareness

Video marketing is a potent vehicle for increasing brand awareness. Through compelling video content, brands can convey their unique personality, values, and messaging in a visually engaging and memorable way. With the ability to evoke emotions, tell stories, and showcase products or services, videos leave a lasting impression on viewers.

When shared across various online platforms and social media channels, video content has the potential to reach a vast and diverse audience. A study by Wyzowl found that 95% of marketers feel that video has increased their brand awareness!

Wyzowl video increase brand awareness stat

[Source: Wyzowl]

Additionally, the shareability and virality of videos can result in increased exposure and organic reach as viewers like, comment, and share, further amplifying a brand’s visibility and recognition within its target market.

4. Greater Reach

Video marketing can significantly expand your reach by leveraging the shareability and virality of video content. When you create compelling and shareable videos, your audience is more likely to share them on social media platforms, email them to friends and colleagues, or embed them on their websites. This organic sharing can quickly extend your content’s reach beyond your immediate audience, exposing your brand and message to a broader and potentially untapped audience.

As well as this, a study found that 51% of people are more likely to share video content than any other content!

wyzowl people are most likely to share video stat

[Source: Wizowl]

Moreover, video content often performs well in search engine results, making it easier for people to discover your content when searching for related topics, further enhancing your reach.

In a digital world where content can easily go viral, video marketing is a potent tool for expanding your brand’s visibility and connecting with a wider audience.

5. Better Conversion Rates

Video marketing has a remarkable ability to improve conversion rates for businesses. In fact, a study found that video can increase your conversion rate by 80%! Videos provide a dynamic and engaging way to showcase products or services, allowing potential customers to see them in action or understand their benefits more effectively.

By addressing common pain points and frequently asked questions in video content, businesses can alleviate doubts and objections that may hinder the conversion process. Furthermore, the emotional impact of video storytelling can create a stronger connection with viewers, increasing their trust and confidence in your brand.

All these factors combine to make video marketing a potent tool for driving prospects further down the sales funnel, ultimately leading to better conversion rates and increased revenue.

6. Effective Storytelling

Video marketing is a storytelling powerhouse. It enables businesses to convey compelling narratives that resonate deeply with their audience. Through a combination of visuals, audio, and emotion, video can transport viewers into a brand’s world, sharing its mission, values, and unique journey.

Whether through customer testimonials, brand documentaries, or creative advertisements, video marketing taps into the power of storytelling to create an emotional connection, making the brand’s message memorable and relatable. Video can be so memorable in fact, that 95% of consumers retain information better than if they read text. This storytelling aspect not only engages viewers but also humanises the brand, forging stronger bonds with customers and driving brand loyalty.

7. Improved Email Marketing

Video marketing can significantly enhance email marketing efforts by increasing open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement. Including video content in email campaigns grabs the recipient’s attention, enticing them to open and explore the email.

ZIGHT video increases chances of emails being opened stat

[Source: ZIGHT]

Videos provide a dynamic and visually appealing way to convey information, making messages more memorable and shareable. Whether it’s a product demonstration, a personalized message from the CEO, or an informative tutorial, videos add a personal touch to emails, making them more engaging and persuasive.

Additionally, video analytics can provide insights into how viewers interact with your content, helping you refine your email marketing strategy for better results.

8. Mobile Compatibility

Video marketing is inherently mobile-friendly, making it an ideal strategy for reaching today’s on-the-go audience. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, 75% of viewers consume video content on their mobile devices.

Videos are responsive and adaptable, automatically adjusting to fit various screen sizes and orientations. This mobile compatibility ensures that your video marketing efforts can reach and engage a broader audience, whether they’re scrolling through social media feeds, browsing websites, or checking their emails on their mobile devices.

Video marketing goes hand in hand with the mobile era, enhancing accessibility and increasing the potential for viewer engagement.

9. Demonstrating Expertise

Video marketing is a powerful avenue for showcasing expertise and thought leadership in any industry. By creating informative and educational videos that provide valuable insights, tips, and solutions to common problems, businesses can position themselves as authoritative voices within their niche.

Whether it’s through tutorials, expert interviews, or in-depth analysis, video content allows organizations to share their knowledge and experience with their audience, building trust and credibility. In 2023, 96% of marketers would say that video has helped users to understand their product/service.

Wyzowl video increases user understanding stat

[Source: Wyzowl]

As viewers recognize the value in the information provided, they are more likely to see the brand as a go-to source for industry-related expertise, which can ultimately lead to increased brand loyalty and customer trust.

10. Measurable Results

Video marketing offers a distinct advantage in its ability to yield measurable results. Through analytics tools, businesses can track key performance indicators such as view counts, click-through rates, engagement levels, and conversion rates. These insights provide a clear understanding of how viewers are interacting with video content, allowing for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Additionally, A/B testing and audience segmentation enable marketers to refine their video strategies to resonate with specific target demographics better. This data-driven approach not only ensures a higher return on investment, but also empowers businesses to adapt and optimize their video marketing efforts for greater success in reaching and converting their audience.

11. Personalised Marketing

Video marketing can pave the way for personalized marketing by allowing businesses to create tailored and highly relevant content for different audience segments. By analysing viewer data and engagement metrics, marketers can gain insights into individual preferences and behaviours.

Armed with this information, they can deliver personalized video content that addresses specific needs, interests, or pain points of their audience. This level of personalization enhances viewer engagement, as people are more likely to respond positively to content that resonates with them on a personal level.

ZIGHT personalised videos increase engagement stat

[Source: ZIGHT]

Ultimately, personalized video marketing can foster stronger connections, boost conversion rates, and lead to more loyal and satisfied customers.

12. Competitive Advantage

Video marketing can provide a significant competitive advantage in today’s digital landscape. By leveraging engaging and informative video content, businesses can stand out from their competitors and capture the attention of their target audience more effectively.

Videos can convey complex information in a digestible and engaging manner, making it easier for potential customers to understand and connect with a brand’s message. Furthermore, the use of video can improve a company’s SEO rankings, enhance brand visibility, and establish it as an industry leader.

Overall, video marketing not only sets businesses apart, but also helps them stay ahead by delivering content that resonates with their audience, fosters trust, and ultimately drives conversions and growth.


In an era defined by digital dominance, video marketing has emerged as an indisputable force in the realm of marketing and advertising. Its unparalleled ability to captivate, educate, and engage audiences has elevated it from a mere trend to a strategic imperative for businesses of all sizes and industries.

From enhancing brand visibility and improving SEO rankings to fostering deeper connections with customers and driving higher conversion rates, the benefits of video marketing are both vast and undeniable. As we conclude this exploration of its advantages, one thing becomes abundantly clear: harnessing the power of video marketing isn’t just an option; it’s a pathway to staying relevant, competitive, and ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

So, as you embark on your marketing journey, remember that the lens through which your audience views your brand may just be a video away from a transformative connection.

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