Video marketing strategy

Like any journey, you need to know where you want to go before you can plan how to get there. Before you set off on a road trip you’d need to check the oil, tyres and brakes.

Our strategists will help you develop your video marketing strategy, they’ll make sure your vehicle will get you to where you want to go.

A lack of strategy = a lack of results
A proper strategy = proper results

Build it all on solid foundations

Your video marketing strategy should be the most thought out aspect of your video marketing solution. If it’s not you are at serious risk of losing your audience to your competitors and wasting your time and money.

Video marketing without a strategy

Your video marketing is confusing, you lack direction and this causes a lack of results. Producing content is last minute, stressful and it’s painful to manage. You’ve no sense of what works and what doesn’t.

Video marketing with a strategy

You get your content seen by the right people, you’re giving them a friction-free experience and good reasons to get in touch, make an enquiry and take the next step. You’re learning what works which means that you can scale up operations and grow faster and stronger.

The key ingredients of a successful video marketing strategy

Whether we’re working with a one-person business or a multinational brand there are 3 key components that remain the same. Your video marketing strategy will be:

Goal orientated

Your video marketing strategy should be built upon clear, measurable goals which will give us focus and provide direction on how best to achieve them.


We understand that your business and marketplace could look very different in 6 months, that’s why we ensure your video marketing strategy is robust and able to adapt.

Customer focused

We put your target audience at the heart of your video marketing strategy. Afterall, it is them that we are trying to attract, engage and motivate to take action.

Here’s a few things we will discuss in your video marketing strategy workshop

Your customers

We need to dig deep to learn about and understand your target audience. Doing so will lead to better informed decisions which results in a better strategy. Together, we’ll find the answers to: what are your customers’ pain points? What challenges do they face? How do we reach them? And which messages resonate best with them.

Customer journey mapping

What do you expect your customers to do after they watch your video? For example, if you’re directing people to your website what else can we do on the landing page to secure the sale/lead/newsletter sign up. Proper Vide can help you map out your customers journey and create assets that compliment your video marketing campaign.


A video that doesn’t get seen by your target audience is going to feel like an expensive asset sat on a hard-drive somewhere. Based on our audience research we’ll discuss which channels are best to reach your target audience. The channels you use will start to mould the style, tone and message of your video content.

Video types

We create a huge array of video types. From testimonial videos and promotional video to about us videos and more. Based on all of our prior discussions we can now advise on which type of video will best suit your audience and your goals.

By the end of your video marketing strategy workshops we will have determined:

  • What messaging will resonate with your audience.
  • How we reach them on platforms they use
  • What we’d like them to do after watching your video
  • Which type of content will best suit your goals.

Why choose Proper Video to help you develop your video marketing strategy?

From the education sector to energy companies, charities to councils – our video production team has made a big impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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“Our experience with Proper Video has been fantastic. We engaged Proper Video to create an initial close to one hundred videos to help launch our new brand of Decarbonisation Services. The videos that have been produced are of fantastic quality and the experience has been incredibly smooth. We will be continuing to engage the services of Proper Video well into the future and have already introduced their services to the other companies within our group.”

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