Video Activation

So… we have planned, and we have produced but without a proper video activation strategy these are meaningless. If your target audience does not get to view your video, we have failed. We aim to position your video so that it not only attracts and retains your customers, but also instills brand loyalty in them.

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Activation kit

We do not just press buttons to launch your video to its target community. We create landing pages, write contextual copy, create social assets and warm the audience up in preparation.

Campaign Management

At the right time, in the right place – you can witness your video being launched. We manage the process so that you are involved throughout and we aim to exceed your expectations.


We do not believe that if ‘it’s not broken don’t fix it’ – we prefer if ‘it’s not broken – make it better!’. There is always room for improvement and some aspects are only improvable after activation. Performance review and analytics can be used to fine tune and add value after launch.

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Making the right moves

Video Strategy

All successful marketing campaign start with a strategy. A scattergun approach to shooting out video content is a waste of your time and money. We make it our business to understand your business (your marketplace, customers, competitors) and only then can advise upon the most appropriate plan to market your business.

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We bring your marketing to life

Video Production

From live action to talking heads, animation to multi camera filming – Proper Video will direct the whole process including the creation of concepts and story boards, scripting, audio visual filming including cast direction, editing and production. Our process work because we involve you in the process.

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