Testimonial video production

A testimonial video where your customers tell their own story and endorses your brand, product or service is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Our testimonial video production service can help you drive your growth strategy.


Reasons to invest in testimonial video production

A proven marketing and sales tool that engages customers and drives sales.

Help potential customers overcome doubt by building trust and credibility.

Demonstrates positive customer experiences from previous customers.


Answers to your testimonial video production questions

What are the best practices for creating testimonial videos?

  • Any good marketing plan has goals and objectives. Your testimonial video should be no different. Think about what you want viewers to think and feel and most importantly, what you want them to do after watching.
  • As consumers, we make a lot of our decisions based on emotion. It’s important to develop questions that draw an emotional response. We never script testimonial videos however, we’ll work with you to develop questions to get you customer talking about the benefits rather than the features of your product or service.
  • Above average video quality simply won’t cut it. The quality of your video is a reflection of your brand. Proper Video produce cinema-standard video content which cuts through and stops customers in their tracks.
  • Your customers are busy and they’re doing you a huge favour by being involved. Make the process easy and fun. Proper Video will fit the video production process around your customers, and we’ll work evenings and weekend if that’s what’s needed. You can make your clients feel extra special by organising hair and make-up and make it an extra special experience for them.

How much do testimonial videos cost?

Testimonial videos start from £1,375. This price includes:

  • Development of questions for your interviewees.
  • Logistical planning of the video production.
  • 2 person film crew in one location (typically your clients place of work).
  • Basic animation and motion graphics such as name cards and logo animation.
  • Royalty-free music.
  • Subtitles.

In addition to the main video we will also provide you with a selection of shorter sound bites to use across your social media channels.

How long does the testimonial video production process take?

Testimonial videos typically take around 4 weeks to complete. We are able to turn things around quicker if you’re running to a tight deadline, speak to us to discuss your requirements.

Our strategic, measurable approach to video marketing

Video strategy

Developing the right message and right video content to get you the best results.

Video production

From project management to filming, animation to sound design and so much more.

Video activation

Distribute your video via owned and paid advertising channels to maximise its impact.

Becoming a Proper Video client


A discovery call to learn more about your business, what you’re looking to achieve and to see if we’re a good fit.

In a workshop we’ll look at current marketing activities, in-depth video goals, your audience and explore ideas.

Finally, you’ll receive a detailed video marketing proposal including plans, recommendations and costs.

Ready to get started? Great. Got questions? Fire away.