Promotional video production

Maybe you want to increase your brand visibility online or increase sales. Both of these goals and more can be achieved with a promotional video. We’re Proper Video, a full-service video marketing agency who can help you plan, create and distribute your promotional video.


Reasons to invest in a Promotional video

Connect with your audience and build trust and credibility

Generate mass brand awareness using paid advertising channels

Increase enquires through your website, social media and email marketing


Answers to your questions

What are the best practices for creating a Promotional video?

  • Producing compelling video content is the first part of a successful promotional video. How you distribute your promotional video will have a significant impact on your results. Think about how you’re going get your video in front of your audience. Proper Video are a full-service video marketing agency who can help you distribute your video through paid advertising channels, optimise landing pages and much more.
  • The quality of your video reflects the quality of your brand. In our experience a promotional video is not the type of video to create on a low budget. Consumers are bombarded with content from business all day, every day. You need to make your standout to win the attention. Proper Video produce cinema-standard video content which cuts through and stops customers in their tracks.

How much does a Promotional video cost?

Promotional videos start from £1,980. This includes:

  • Development of ideas, scripts, storyboards, and style guides.
  • A 2 person film crew filming on 1 day
  • Editing your video including advances motion graphics
  • Bespoke sound design and music for your video

Addition costs could include:

  • Specialist equipment hire
  • Use of actors
  • Advanced animation
  • Locations
  • Addition crew which depends on the complexity of the idea

As we’ve mentioned how you distribute your video will have a significant impact on success. If you use paid advertising channels, you’ll need to factor in those costs.

How long does a Promotional video take to produce?

Your promotional video will be complete within 4 to 6 weeks. If a large amount of animation and CGI is needed then this could extend the time needed. At Proper Video we will always provide accurate timescales when quoting.

Our strategic, measurable approach to video marketing

Video strategy

Developing the right message and right video content to get you the best results.

Video production

From project management to filming, animation to sound design and so much more.

Video activation

Distribute your video via owned and paid advertising channels to maximise its impact.

Becoming a Proper Video client


A discovery call to learn more about your business, what you’re looking to achieve and to see if we’re a good fit.

In a workshop we’ll look at current marketing activities, in-depth video goals, your audience and explore ideas.

Finally, you’ll receive a detailed video marketing proposal including plans, recommendations and costs.

Ready to get started? Great. Got questions? Fire away.