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Proper Video Help M3 Project Tackle Homelessness

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M3 Project are a specialist charity based in Rossendale who are committed to tackling homelessness amongst young people aged 16 – 21 across the North West.

Alan Dorrington, Charity manager said “M3’s volunteers are a unique group of individuals who open up their homes to homeless young people and take them in to support them to move on from all the difficulties that being without accommodation brings.”

Proper Video, we started their Proper Charity initiative a year ago where they work with one charity for 3 months and help them achieve their goals. Proper Video work with the charity to develop their strategy, create content and help them distribute that content across a multitude of online channels.

Aidan Oldroyd founder of Proper Video said, “I believe in giving back to the community, but I also recognise we provide a service which will enable charities to achieve their goals better than us simply donating money.”

“We actively encourage people to refer charities to us who they think could use our help. From there we will get in touch to discuss how we can help and move forward.”

Alan Dorrington continued, “M3 Project was delighted to start working with Proper Video after being referred to Proper Video by Richard Robinson of MacMahon Leggate Accountants after an initial conversation Aidan offered to help us with our volunteer recruitment.”

“They put together a sensitive and emotive video highlighting the issue of youth homelessness through the eyes of one of our young people who had nowhere safe to go, with a view to encouraging more volunteers to come forward and offer a place to call home, security and a caring hand.”

“We’re really looking forward to using the video in our forthcoming campaign to bring more volunteers on board to help us tackle homelessness amongst young people in East Lancashire.”


More Information


If you’ve been inspired by the M3 Project and would like to become a volunteer get in touch to find out more.

Aidan added “if you know a charity who could use our help do not hesitate to refer them to us.


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