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If you google ‘how much does video production cost?’ Or if you look on other video production companies website’s you’ll find answers like ‘it depends on x,y and z’, or ‘we’ve worked on videos ranging from £2,000 to £2 million.’ This leaves you feeling frustrated and shouting at the screen ‘just give me a straight #*(£^$)^ answer!’

We understand, we’d want to know too. So here it is, below you’ll find a range of figures you can use to give you some guidance on how much video production costs in 2022.

Video production costs 2022

Creating a video is a bit like buying a car. You can choose to buy the basic model or you can choose to add optional extras such as parking sensors, a specific paint colour and leather seats. Both will get you from A to B however, they will both differ on how fast they can get you there, how comfortable the ride is or how you are perceived by people when you drive past.

Whilst you can spend as much as you’d like on your video project here’s where the price starts.



  • Creative concept development
  • Scripting and storyboarding of your video
  • Highly experienced video production team to film and edit or animate your video

  • Branded video intro and outro animations
  • Royalty-free, commercially licensed music
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Distribution and promotion costs

Proper Video offers a range of video activation services from managing paid media campaigns to influencer outreach and TV advertising.

Unfortunately, this is the one cost we do have to say ‘it depends.’ To reach 1,000 people is going to cost a lot less than reaching 100,000 people. The cost also depends on your specific industry, if you’re in a competitive market then expect the cost per click, cost per lead or any other metrics to be higher.

Whether this is your first time using paid media channels or you’re an experienced marketer looking for some sound advice please get in touch, tell us what you’re looking to achieve and we can advise you from there.

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