How we work

Whilst all of our client goals are different, our unique process stays the same. Below you’ll get a taste of how we work step-by-step. From where you are now, browsing your options, through strategy, production, activation and everything in between.


We love video production, we love digital marketing and we love seeing our customers grow. So you can count on us to bring creative, results-driven solutions all day long.

Always learning

There’s no room for complacency in the digital marketing world. Customers and algorithms are forever changing. So we make it our job to stay on top.


We understand that business moves fast. Your business and marketplace could look very different in 3 months. We stay alert, responsive and ready to adapt.


We live in a world where there is an abundance of data at our fingertips. We use data to make informed creative decisions that work for you.

Our pre-sales process

So, you’re browsing. Researching the best options for your video marketing project and you land on our website and think ‘ok, these seem great, if I contact them what happens next?’ Well, if you do, these are the next three steps.

Arrange a call with a video production company in Manchester

We’ll arrange a discovery call where we will learn more about you, your business and what you’re looking for. Ask as many questions as you need, this is all about finding out if we’re the best fit for you.

Have a meeting with a Manchester video production company

If you think we’re a goer, we’ll facilitate a workshop where we explore your audience, marketing place and most importantly, we’ll also talk about your goals. It’s this information that allows us to start building your solution.

Your solution from a Manchester video production company

Finally, we’ll present a short presentation to show you our solution, recommendations and how we plan to achieve your goals and the costs associated will be broken down.

At this point you can walk away with all of the advice and recommendations we’ve given you so far. Hopefully, we’ve shown you the value we offer at Proper Video and you choose to accept the quote.

If you choose to accept the quote we will send a Statement of Work along with a deposit invoice for 20% of the project total. Once we receive the signed SoW and payment the project starts.

Our video marketing process

Whilst live-action video and animated video production projects are different both can be broken down into the following 7 simple steps.

Step 1

Project kickoff meeting

In a half day workshop we will discuss key elements of your video project from the message to the style, voiceover, contents and the best platforms to reach and engage your customers.

Step 2

Research and development

We’ll head back to the studio where we will conduct in-depth research into your customers to find any hidden opportunities. We’ll start to develop scripts, storyboards and gather visual references so that you know exactly what your video will look, feel and sound like.

This is called the pre-production pack and will need to be approved and signed off before moving into production.

Step 3

Project management

Once you are completely happy with the plan and signed off we will start to organise the production. Whether your video is animated or live action there are slightly different process. We will organise voice overs, actors, locations, designers, editors and get everybody in place to make sure production runs smoothly and efficiently.

Step 4


We will set to work filming, editing, animating, adding sound design and music to work our way to a first draft.

Step 5


Typically, within 4 weeks from kickoff you will receive a first draft of any assets for your video production project. On our review platform you can request any amendments you like. We will go back and make the amendments and repeat this process until you are completely happy.

Step 6


Once you are completely satisfied we will start the activation process. How we activate your video will have been determined at the beginning and is unique to every video project.

Where applicable we will create social media accounts, ad accounts, set up tracking, optimise your videos for search and much more.

Step 7

Analysis and reports

We will proactively monitor and tweak the campaign where necessary for the duration set out at the beginning. Throughout the campaign we will send periodic reports detailing successes and identify room for improvement

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