Instructional video production

Our instructional video production team have a huge amount of experience in creating helpful and informative instructional videos effectively and affordably.

We’re quickly becoming known for being able to produce instructional videos in bulk, our latest project saw us create 600 instructional videos for just one client.

“I’d highly recommend that you speak to them”

“Our experience with Proper Video has been fantastic”

“I was really impressed by the quality”

Fantastic results and an exceptional experience, what more could you ask for?

Ways your business can benefit from instructional videos

Drastically cut customer service costs by producing helpful how-to videos.

Improve your websites rankings in search with optimised instructional videos.

Give your customers the confidence to buy knowing they will be supported.

3D animation and CGI

Sometimes, a product’s components or the assembly process is tricky to film. That’s when we turn to CGI and 3D animation.

Our instruction video production team are experts in bring products to life through CGI that excites and engages your audience.

Technical writing

Over the years we have built strong relationships with brilliant technical writers. This means if breaking down processes isn’t your strong suit (or it bores the life out of you) we can work with you to develop easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for your videos.

Massive SEO potential

Instructional videos provide a huge opportunity to increase your websites rankings in search engines.

As consumers, often before buying products we will search for how-to videos. Our digital marketing experts can optimise your instructional videos for search meaning you can engage potential buyers in the decision making stage.

Could you save £400,000?

One of our clients estimates their £55,000 investment in instructional videos will save them £400,000 in customer service costs.

That’s not to mention the potential customer acquisition ROI from optimising the same videos for search and improving their SEO.

Our instructional video production process

Over the last 5 years we’ve perfected our instructional video production process to be as easy as a Sunday morning.

Described as ‘effortless and worry-free’ our instructional video production team can handle the whole process from strategic development to scriptwriting, storyboarding, voiceover recording, animation or live-action filming, post-production editing and final delivery.


Our creative video team will help you develop a script and storyboard and gather visual references so you know exactly what your video will look, sound and feel like frame-by-frame.


For live-action projects, our instructional video production team will capture the necessary footage and sound in ultra-high-definition. If your project is animation based or includes motion graphics, any characters and scenes will be created.


This is where your instructional video finally comes to life. Our animators and editors will piece everything together, crafting a captivating and memorable story and add any sound effects and music which enhances the emotional impact. Simply put they will create a polished final video that communicates your message effectively in an engaging way that your audience loves.

Over 1000 instructional videos created in 2 years!

Over the last two years our team have created over 1000 instructional and how-to videos for 3 clients. It’s safe to say, over those 2 years, we perfected our approach at producing video on a huge scale, all at an affordable price.

Our work

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How much do instructional videos cost?

Looking at previous clients, instructional video costs can vary greatly. The total cost depends on length (we’ve made instructional videos ranging from 30 second to 20 minutes), whether we need to use CGI and animation, how many videos you require and more.

Speak to our MD, Aidan who will guide you through the process and provide a quote based on your instructional video requirements.

Instructional video production FAQ’s

We won’t lie, instructional videos are typically the most technical which means we need much more guidance from you than other types of videos, after all, you’re the experts. The good news is that this is mainly in the early stages, together, we will form a script and storyboard which highlights key information. From there, our instructional video production team can work alone capturing all the footage required and editing it together ready for your review.

A single instructional video will likely take 4 to 6 weeks to produce, start to finish. This includes script writing, storyboarding, production planning, filming and editing. If you have a lot of instructional videos you’d like producing we will put together a bespoke timeline we’re both happy with based on your requirements. For example, our latest huge project included 600 instruction videos which were completed over an 18 month period. We could have worked faster or slower, it’s really up to you.

Why choose Proper Video?

We’re personal – you won’t be passed between account managers. When you call Proper Video you’ll speak directly with MD, Aidan who will be your point of contact throughout the entire project.

We’re experts – we love creating video content and we love helping our clients achieve their goals. This fuels our drive to innovate and search for the best ways to do both.

We’re easy to work with – there’s a common thread in all of our client reviews, which is clients love working with us. Results are very important but we also understand you’ve got to enjoy the process too.

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Contact our MD, Aidan to discuss your instructional video production project.