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What Is The Help, Hub, Hero Content Strategy?

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Content marketing is getting harder and harder by the day. Business owners and marketing teams alike are simply running out of fresh, original ideas to market their business online. If that sound like you then don’t worry – in this post we’re going to share with you the help, hub, hero content strategy that will make creating content easy like a Sunday morning.


What is the help, hub, hero content strategy?


In 2014 Google created the help, hub, hero content strategy to help YouTubers create better content. Why did they do this? Well, Google owns YouTube. YouTube makes it’s money by allowing brands to advertise on videos. If they help YouTubers create better content, more people flock to the platform which mean more people to advertise to.

The help, hub, hero content strategy has proved so effective that brands like Red Bull, Nike, Adidas and more have adopted it and applied it to their own content marketing strategies. Although this content strategy was made for video content, the methodology can be applied to include various types of content so stick around.

Essentially, it’s a three tiered framework for planning, creating and promoting your content. Below we will guide you through each type of content along with an example. At the bottom of this post there is anther two examples for you to take a look at.

Hero Content


Hero content is your go big or go home content. It’s bold, shouts from the roof tops and demands your audience’s attention. It’s primary goal is to drive long-term brand growth by generating mass brand awareness. Typically, hero content is published 1 to 3 times per year. However, smaller companies may publish one a year while huge brands may publish three. Unlike hub and help content, which I will explain later, hero content is likely to be pushed onto people screens through paid advertising channels.

Let’s watch a small clip iKampers Skycamp hero video.

You may notice that there wasn’t a single mention about it’s construction, price, features or benefits. The video showed you people using the Skycamp in various beautiful locations and how they used it. The video didn’t tell you anything, but it made you feel. It emotionally connected with its target audience and made you imagine what your life would be like if you had one. Any camping, outdoor enthusiast, like me, just had to start searching for more information.

Hub Content


The goal for your hub content is to keep people entertained, educated and informed and keep them coming back to engage with your brand. Hub videos come in many different forms such as vlogs, behind the scenes documentaries, product demo or explainer videos and customer testimonials.

Now, iKampers hero video has got me hooked, I want to know more about its features, I have loads of questions and this is where iKamper absolutely nailed their video content strategy.

Founder of iKamper and creator of Skycamp, Soon Park, made a video explaining why he had made the product. He told us a story about him and his family travelling over 58 thousand miles over 3 years on an American roadtrip and explained the pitfalls of traditional tents which each and every one of us campers knows too well. He told us about several features; it’s waterproof, the reinforced hard shell, it was easy to mount onto any vehicle.

Overall, your hub content will show your target audience what they need to see to overcome any objections they have, so first, find out exactly what is stopping your target audience buying your product or service. When explaining the features and benefits be sure to have a good balance. Too many benefits will feel like empty claims while reeling off too many features will make people say, so what?

Help Content


Help content, believe it or not, helps your audience. It’s content that answers the questions that your audience are asking. Another aim for these videos is to use them to rank high on searches. Using myself as an example, my target audience may be asking what are the benefits of video marketing? I can then create a video explaining the benefits of video marketing and use those keywords in its title, so the video and my brand are more discoverable to people searching. You can use sites such as TubeBudy or Ask the Public to find what people are searching for online.

Just to go back to the iKamper example I was asking myself questions like will it fit on my car? Is it actually easier to put up than my traditional tent? iKamper made a series of videos released over time with titles like ‘iKamper Hydrostatic Pressure Test’, ‘iKamper – Skycamp Canopy Setup and Take Down.’ These videos answered all of my niggly questions. The video about how to pack down the Skycamp even had a clock on it showing how fast it could be done.

More examples of the help, hub, hero content strategy


More examples of the help, hub, hero content strategy

Red Bull

Hero: Felix Baumgartner’s Supersonic Freefall.

Hub: The man behind the parachute – Felix Baumgartner | Red Bull.

Help: Official Findings Stratos CGI – Felix Baumgartner | Red Bull.



Hero: The Volvo Epic Splits video with Jean-Claude Van Damme

Hub: The Volvo Trucks YouTube channel is packed with entertaining content

Help: Volvo’s I-Shift Dual Clutch – shows how it all works



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