Ten Bob is Back for a Christmas Music Video with PAC!

This Christmas, we have partnered with charity PAC (Positive Action in the Community) to create a Christmas music video, in the hopes of raising awareness to the support that they offer around this time of year.

Published: November 30, 2023

Santa and Ten Bob talking in a bar

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Having collaborated over the past two years, ourselves and PAC decided that creating a music video would be an ideal way to raise awareness and encourage donations for those in need. The video is set to be unveiled on December 1st on Facebook (@Proper Video) and Instagram (@Proper.video).

Santa in pain talking to Ten Bob

Who Are PAC?

PAC is a charity based in East Lancashire that offers accommodation and support to individuals affected by youth homelessness, domestic abuse, and poor mental health. During this time of the year, they launch various campaigns to raise funds, collect gifts, and gather donations to ensure that the people they assist can have a festive Christmas. The aim is for the music video to bring smiles to people’s faces and inspire donations, support, and the sharing of the Christmas spirit!

What Are We Doing?

We’ve planned the music video with the assistance of Charity CEO Claire Bennett and Partnership & Community Engagement Officer Leroy Philbrook. Aidan Oldroyd, Proper Video Director, takes on the role of lead singer in the Christmas song and will also handle the filming and editing of the video.

A little behind-the-scenes sneak peak…

Without revealing too much, the video will portray Aidan’s alter ego, ‘Ten Bob,’ stepping in as Santa Claus when Santa is unable to fly his sleigh. The video will highlight all the efforts PAC undertakes during Christmas to ensure everyone experiences a touch of the holiday spirit. Keep an eye out for familiar faces and locations!

How Can You Support PAC?


PAC are currently running a prize draw where you have the chance to win fantastic prizes:

  • A £5000 holiday voucher
  • A family weekend away with theme park tickets
  • £250

Click Here to Enter


PAC are looking for business to sponsor a young personas Christmas. Your £100 sponsorship will help buy Christmas trees, decorations, some presents, Christmas dinner and more so the young people in their care can feel brilliant.

If you’re a business that wants to make an impact to a young person this year and make them feel great then get in touch with either Claire or Chloe to discuss:

Claire: claire.bennett@P-A-C.org.uk

Chloe: chloe.finch@P-A-C.org.uk

Ten Bob as Santa in Santa's grotto

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