We ‘proper’ love what we do. We:

 Love clarifying your aims and objectives

 Love putting your video at the heart of your marketing strategy

Love being part of your business growth / success


We exist to improve

We challenge ourselves to be better than we were the day before. The digital marketing and advertising industry changes rapidly. That’s why we constantly develop our knowledge and skillsets so that we can give you the best experience and best results possible.

We aim to always work in your best interests and improve your communication with your customers to ultimately increase your sales.

We aim to constantly review our own effectiveness and improve with the help of training, technology and learning.

We aim to develop relationships with our clients to mutually benefit from a collaborative approach.

We aim to make a difference

We care about our community. That’s why we work with one charity per quarter and help raise awareness of what they do – for free.

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Unlock the true potential of your marketing

We’re a strategic video marketing and video production company who help businesses get better results from their marketing. By blending marketing expertise with cinema-standard video production skills we create videos that attract, engage and retain customers.

Our full-service video marketing approach is unique:

Get to know you

your business, your marketplace and your audience

Build a plan

a results-driven strategy equals a return on investment

Create your video

‘on brand’ and integral to your marketing goals

Activate your video

distribute through organic and PPC channels

Review your success

proactively advise upon fine-tuning the plan if needed

Explore our approach

Are you looking for a reliable video production company?

We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message, call or email. It’s up to you.

Call – 01282 969161

Email – info@proper-video.co.uk