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“Approachable, down-to-earth and easy to work with.” Whilst helping ambitious businesses achieve the results that they deserve Proper Video also provide a friendly, personal, and outstanding experience.


Proper – denoting something that is truly what it is said or regarded to be; genuine.

Our Purpose

I started Proper Video due to the lack of transparency and accountability within the marketing and advertising industry.

Marketing and video production have always interested me. I met a marketer with 10 years experience under his belt who told me ‘you don’t know what’s going to work until it does.’

Unfortunately, this wasn’t an uncommon thought of a marketer and this showed me that businesses were being sold marketing services on the premise of ‘you might get results, you might not.’

I don’t like that idea. It’s essentially experimenting with your money and like any true Yorkshireman I hate wasting money, whether that’s mine or yours.

Marketing isn’t a big experiment. Through strategy, results from marketing can be calculated, and predicted.

That’s why Proper Video was born. I want to provide marketing services that are transparent, measured and most of all accountable. Meaning your money isn’t spent on an experiment, it’s spent on achieving results.

How Can Proper Video Help You?

What do you want to achieve? A short-term sales uplift? Long-term brand growth? Or would you like your website to convert more visitors to leads? As a specialist video marketing and video production company, whatever it is you want to achieve we can help. Our 3-stage video marketing approach allows us to develop the right message, create beautiful content and deliver it to the people that matter.

Video Strategy

We get to know your business, your market, and your audience enabling us to develop your winning strategy.

Goals and Objectives

Audience Research

Distribution Strategy

Content Strategy

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Video Production

No matter the style, timescale, or budget our team have the experience and expertise to bring your video to life.

Live Action Filming

Motion Graphics & Animation

Production Management

Technology & Talent

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Video Activation

Your ROI matters. We’ll help you distribute your videos through owned or PPC channels to maximise your ROI.


PPC Management


Analytics & Reporting

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Brand Film

M3 Project


We Aim to Make A Difference

We believe in giving back to our community. That’s why we work with one charity every 3 months to help them achieve their goals. Take a look at what we did with the M3 Project or recommend a charity.

Recommend a Charity

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