Do you feel frustrated with your marketing? 

Frustrations due to marketing are usually down to:

Lack of strategy – you know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there.

Lack of cohesion – your marketing becomes confusing to your customers.

Lack of results – you’re not getting the results that you want and deserve.

How can we help you unlock the true potential of your marketing?

Hello and welcome to Proper Video. We’re a strategic video marketing company who help businesses get better results from their marketing. By blending marketing expertise with cinema-standard video production skills we create videos that attract, engage and retain customers.

Our full-service video marketing approach is unique:

Get to know you

your business, your marketplace and your audience

Build a plan

a results-driven strategy equals a return on investment

Create your video

‘on brand’ and integral to your marketing goals

Activate your video

distribute through organic and PPC channels

Review your success

proactively advise upon fine-tuning the plan if needed

Latest Videos

Why Emotion is KEY to Attracting New Customers

We make the initial decision on the largest investment many of us will make in our lives based on emotion. In this video Aidan explains why promoting an emotional connection is key for businesses that want to attract new customers.

How to Breakdown Customers For B2B Companies

B2B companies tend to breakdown customers by firmographics such as turnover, number of employees and so on. In this video Aidan explains why B2B companies must take it a step further to engages their ideal customer.

Do You Deliver A Service or An Experience?

In a world where markets are saturated and consumers have more choice than ever before it is now difficult for companies to differentiate themselves through service alone. Instead, companies should see themselves as an experience provider.

You’ll love working with us

But don’t just take our word for it…

Born out of frustration due to a lack of transparency, measurability and accountability in the digital marketing and advertising industry, we always work in your best interests and we genuinely care about helping you transform your business.

Based in Lancashire, Proper Video are a video marketing company who live and breathe our seemingly simple, traditional values: be honest, work hard and never stop learning.

Get to know us

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Start achieving the results that you deserve today.

We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message, call or email. It’s up to you.

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