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It can be difficult to achieve real results from marketing these days. Customers and digital platforms are growing more complex. Without the right message you won’t resonate with your audience. But if you fail to get in front of people it doesn’t matter how good your message is. Our 3-stage approach will help you develop the right message, create beautiful content and get it in front of the right people.

Video Strategy

We get to know your business, your market, and your audience enabling us to develop your winning strategy.

Goals and Objectives

Audience Research

Distribution Strategy

Content Strategy

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Video Production

No matter the style, timescale, or budget our team have the experience and expertise to bring your video to life.

Live Action Filming

Motion Graphics & Animation

Production Management

Technology & Talent

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Video Activation

Your ROI matters. We’ll help you distribute your videos through owned or PPC channels to maximise your ROI.


PPC Management


Analytics & Reporting

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Questions We Get Asked A lot

How Can Video Marketing Benefit My Business?

Video marketing has two primary benefits – customer experience and search.

Customer Experience

As a business, you’re always trying to fight for your customers two most precious commodities, time and attention. Video has the power to attract, engage and influence your customers more than any other form of content. You may of notice that video consumption has skyrocketed over the last few years. Why? Because we love it.


Because we love it, search engines do too, and they will push your video content more than any other form of content. Video is great for boosting your visibility online and this means you’ll reach more people, generate more leads, and win more business.

All in all, there’s zero disadvantages to using video content within your marketing mix. The trick is to do it properly.

What Types of Video Do Proper Video Make?

As a full-service video marketing agency, Proper Video have the experience and expertise to produce any types of video. We produce corporate videos, testimonial video, promotional videos and much more in any style. Whether that’s animation, multi-camera filming or CGI.

What’s important is that we create you a video that will get results. To do this, first, we need to understand what you want to achieve. Do you want to drive long-term brand growth? A short-term sales uplift? Would you like to increase conversion on your website?

After that we can help you determine which type of video content will enable you to achieve your goals.

To discuss how we can help you achieve your goals let’s talk.

How Much Does Video Marketing Cost?

Unfortunately, this is tough to answer. It depends on so many factors. How complex is the shoot? Do you need actors? Location hire? Specialist equipment? And what you want to achieve. As a rough guide we typically charge £1,500 to £5000 and this will including building your video marketing strategy, create the videos and distributing the video for you.

Additional costs would be any amount you want to spend on paid promotion through Sky AdSmart, YouTube or social media.

To discuss how we can help you achieve your goals let’s talk.

Start achieving the results that you deserve today.

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